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All it takes is “belief” and “faith”

At NAYMET, it all begins with a deep-seated belief and faith. We trust in the power of sacrifice. We have faith that our actions can bring about genuine change. And we are convinced that your Qurbani can truly transform lives for the better.


This Dhul Hijjah season, we are dedicated to delivering your Qurbani to places where it can provide much-needed nutrition in the underprivileged areas of Pakistan. Our committed team goes the extra mile, literally, by personally delivering your Qurbani to those who need it most.


NAYMET has served thousands of deserving individuals since its inception and aims to reach even more each year. With 95 million people in Pakistan living in underprivileged conditions, NAYMET strives daily to expand its outreach.

Hygiene Practices of NAYMET for Qurbani:

  • Regular sanitization of slaughtering and processing areas.
  • Mandatory use of personal protective equipment (PPE) by all staff.
  • Regular hand washing and use of hand sanitizers.
  • Safe disposal of waste and by-products.

Whole Cow

US$ 640
KWD 197
PKR 178,000

Cow Share

US$ 95
KWD 30
PKR 26,500


KWD 83
PKR 75,000

This year, let’s achieve even more together.


Your trust in the NAYMET family empowers us to extend our reach annually, providing vital assistance to those who need it most.


Together, let’s create a brighter future this Dhul Hijjah.